51% Aboriginal Owned Terms

In order to register as an eligible Aboriginal supplier, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The business must be considered to be an Aboriginal owned business (51%)

An Aboriginal business is defined as:

  • a band as defined by The Indian Act of Canada operating a business or providing a service; or
  • a sole proprietorship owned and operated by a Status Indian, non-Status Indian, Metis or Inuit person(s); or
  • a limited company, a co-operative, a partnership, a not-for-profit organization in which Aboriginal persons have at least 51 percent ownership
  • A joint venture consisting of two or more Aboriginal businesses or an Aboriginal business and a non-Aboriginal business(es), provided that the Aboriginal business(es) has at least 51 percent ownership.

If you are not eligible to register as an Aboriginal supplier you can register on the Isondai Network at